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What’s in Dad’s care package

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I thought I’d be about three years past buying baby wipes at this point, but not so.

At home, they still go everywhere with us. They work far better than hand santizer for cleaning up on the road. They’re indispensable for precautionary scrubbing at places ranging from restaurants to airplanes – anywhere that peanut might have been before us.

Now that Dad’s deployed, they’re going abroad, too. They’re indispensable for quick clean-ups, be it of the person or of the weapon. That’s why we sent Dad two packages this week.

The rest of the package:

Dots: Another theater-sized box of candy that the guys were convinced Dad wanted.

Tuna: We’re still going with StarKist creations. This week we sent twi, 6.4 ounce packages of plain and 4.5 ounce packages of sweet and spicy, herb and garlic and hickory smoked. I’m still not wild about paying almost $2 per pack, so I think next week I’m going to send regular cans of tuna plus a can opener.

Dried fruit: A one-pound assortment of apples, pears and apricots.

Peanut butter crackers: Nine individual packages from a giant box we’d bought a while back. They’re good for filling in nooks and crannies in a shipping box.

Paydays: Two bars to fulfill the weekly Recommended Dad Allowance.

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