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What’s in Dad’s care package

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This week’s edition featured “long-sought objects finally found”: Shower shoes and a flashlight.

The shower shoes have been impossible to find since Dad left for basic training almost a year and a half ago. It turns out that we were looking at the wrong time of year. Pool shoes disappear even in California in the winter. Once spring hit, they were in abundance.

The flashlight I actually knew where to find. I just didn’t know that I knew it. At Dad’s forward operating base – and I assume this is the case in most of Afghanistan – the flashlights have to have a red or blue filter to make them less visible at night from afar. Dad lost his and the PX was out. I looked in our PX and didn’t see anything for weeks, until I took the guys with me. They grabbed a camouflage flashlight and promptly unscrewed the bottom. Just as I was about to shriek, “STOP IT!” the red and blue filters fell out. I said “thank you” instead.

The rest of the package:

Boots’ school picture, in which he looks suspiciously like a Smurf due to bad lighting. At least he’s not scowling.

Jelly Belly pomegranate jelly beans: A 3.5 ounce package. Dad’s probably going to decide he’s sick of pomegranate now that it’s trendy.

Fig Newtons: Two, eight-once packages. They’re the size you usually find in convenience stores.

Bumblebee Spicy Thai Chili Tuna: Dang. I forgot again to include the Tums with this.

“Operacion Dragon:” This is another Boots cinematic selection. Bruce Lee is on the jewel case – good for Dad. The words are in Spanish – not so good for Dad. And heaven knows if it’s really THE Bruce Lee.

Big Guy’s moon report

Payday candy bars: Two to meet the weekly Required Dad Allowance.

The guys’ journals plus some school projects.

The weekly puzzles.

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