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Whatever happened to the lazy days of summer?

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It’s the same routine every month: Turn the calendar page over and hope for a less-hectic time of it.

But then the summer schedules started rolling out, which of course started clamoring. We want to go to soccer camp! We want to go to karate camp! We want to take swimming lessons!

I want to hire a chauffeur, and there won’t even be a school bus to fall back on. I was dizzy already, and that was before the angels and devils start dancing about on my shoulders.

Devils: Yes, keep those little boogers in camp from June to August. The only difference between that and when they were in day care is that the camps let out earlier.  Think of all the work you’ll be able to get done if you don’t have to stop to mediate peace talks and fetch snacks. Besides, they say they want to go …

Angels: Let the dear lambs have summer off, just like you did when you were a kid. They can play outside until dark and sleep in while you work. Yeah, I know they say they want to go to all those camps, but they also complain now about not having enough time for the clubhouse . Besides, didn’t you decide to work at home in part so they could enjoy summers and holidays?

Great. Even heavenly creatures are playing the Mommy Guilt game.

So after driving myself quite mad during a month of dithering and tracking down camp registrations (rhetorical question: If it’s called Parent Central, why do I have to go to three separate places to pick up paperwork?) I ended up playing King Solomon.

They’ll have their crazy camp-filled month of chaos, but we’ll also take a nice long trip back east. Without the Wii. Without the computer except for when I need to sneak away for work. Without anything even slightly organized. These boys need to learn to catch fireflies and just be.

They’ll probably kill me in my sleep and hijack a westbound plane before the week’s out.

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