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What’s in Dad’s care package

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This week’s “sharing is caring” feature is a five-pound box of Strawberry Twizzlers I found for a great price at the commissary. It took up almost half of the space in the large Priority Mail box – it costs only $12.50 to ship to an APO address and man can I ever cram it full – but it should last a while.

We also sent more fruit, two small cans of mandarin oranges and four cans of peaches. Dad really enjoyed the fruit I’d sent a few weeks ago, and since he often eats out of the care packages late at night when he’s too tired to go to the dining hall he might as well eat something nutritious.

Then there was the collection of “things he didn’t know he needed until he got there.” It includes watches and camouflage bandannas. The watch is for guard duty, and there are two because an Afghan soldier has been pining for the watch that Dad borrows from his sergeants. I figured I’d just send an extra now rather than next week. The latter is for protection from the dust storms that will come this summer.

The rest of the package:

Old Wisconsin beef sausage: This five pack has the sausage paired with cheese. It’s apparently shelf-stable because it wasn’t refrigerated at the store. If by chance it turns to fondue by the time it arrives, well, at least it’s well-sealed.

Bumblebee chicken salad: Three boxes. I wish the cans were bigger than 2.9 ounces. That’s barely a start for Dad.

Drink mix: A ten-pack of Arizona brand pomegranate-green tea.

Paydays: Two bars to fulfill the weekly Recommended Dad Allowance.

Thumb tacks: A little odd, but I’d ordered a couple of posters of the guys from Snapfish earlier in the week and knew he’d need something to hold them up.

“Zombie Nation”: This is strictly a B movie, maybe even a C. But Boots found it when we were shopping, and he remembers that Dad loves scary movies and that zombies are scary. I’m relieved that it cost only $3 and that Dad gets a kick out of the campy films Boots picks out.

The guys’ journals plus some school projects.

The weekly puzzles.

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