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What’s in Dad’s care package

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Though Dad hasn’t been outside the wire yet for long enough to experience the side effects of Meals, Ready to Eat – there’s a reason they’re nicknamed Meals Refusing to Exit – that day’s coming. We decided to be prepared.

That’s why this week’s package is heavy on the fruit.

Sunsweet Ones: This 20 pack of individually wrapped prunes comes in a compact plastic canister. I took some of the prunes out anyway to use them for padding elsewhere in the box and topped off the canister with hard candy.

Pineapple: Dole’s eight-ounce cans are just about the right size for one serving for Dad, plus it gets around the fragility of individual fruit cups that now largely are plastic. They have pop tops, so we didn’t have to worry about a can opener.

Craisins: Ocean Spray makes a pack of six individual pouches. I opened the pack and also used the craisins for extra padding.
This week also features the old media meet new media, interactive edition. Boots made a set of pigs, plus the wolf, stick puppets at school that he loved so much he wanted to send them to Dad.

Warning to Dad: You best brush up on your “Three Little Pigs,” because Boots is expecting a Skype appearance.

The rest of the package:

Summer sausage: A 14-ouncer – beef, of course.

Pecan Sandies: These were individual packs that came from an assortment we’d bought for sports snacks. Big Guy can’t eat them, so I shipped them. I wrapped them two to a layer in plastic grocery bags.

Wyler’s Lights Lemonade: This 50-pack of individual-serving drink powder comes in a nice, compact box.

Starkist tuna snack kits: These were the ones that didn’t fit in the previous week’s shipment.

Let’s Do Organic Classic Gummi Bears: I bought these because they’re dye-free. Sadly, the guys hated them. The tiny individual packages, though, are perfect for squeezing into crannies. And for slipping into uniform pockets and sharing.

Bowl, spoon and cup: I forgot to send these the week I’d sent the hot pot.

Word Jumbles: I was in a rush to get to the post office before it closed and forgot these the previous week. I branched out into Jumble Crosswords, too, because some of the regular Jumbles were getting a little weird.

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