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What’s in Dad’s care package

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Dad demurs, but we insist: You will get a weekly package, we tell him.

Though he says he has access to a decent PX, we wanted to make sure he has plenty of his favorite snacks plus a selection of things we see and think he’s likely to like. We also include the guys’ weekly journals, as well as homework, notes from school and other projects from through out the week.

I’m posting these two weeks after I ship in order to give the packages time to arrive. Dad doesn’t often read the blog, but on the off chance that he decides to I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

And I’m creating these posts, not out of a boastful need to say “look at this wonderful thing we’re doing,” but in hopes that it can be a reference for other folks down the road.

Here’s a look at what we sent in the first shipment:

The Easter specials: Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds; plastic eggs filled with Jolly Ranchers, Twizzlers and jelly beans; and Dove mini chocolate eggs. The last part I worried about – most sites advise shipping chocolate only from October to February due the heat – but they were sealed in plastic in case they melted. They did arrive in tact.

The plastic eggs were the biggest hit of the care package. Dad shared them with his company, acting as kind of an Easter bunny in camouflage.
A hot pot, tea bags and artificial sweetener: He ran out of room to pack the hot pot before he left. I probably should have sent a cup and bowl, too, but we ran out of room in the shipment. The hot pot’s size – it wouldn’t fit in a postal service flat-rate box – already had made the package a tad on the hefty side.

Slim Jims: Four packs of the minis.

Pringles baked wheat sticks, jalapeno flavored: These were in individual packets, but I still was afraid that they’d be crumbs by the time they got there.

Ocean Spray Drink mix, a 10 pack of individual packets. There aren’t many instants that you can find in pomegranate flavor, which is one of his favorites.

Newton’s minis, fig flavored: He’s a traditionalist on this point. And, yes, I hate spending more for individual packets but they’re more practical in this situation. He doesn’t have to worry about a bigger packet becoming sand-coated before he finishes, plus the smaller sizes fit neatly in his pockets.

Payday candy bars: These are Dad’s favorite.

An iTunes card: Dad is probably the last person in the U.S. Army without an iPod, but you also can download movies.

Word Jumbles: This is Dad’s favorite puzzle, and he prefers the paper version to playing online. They’re very easy to print from the site.

A newspaper article about an Afghani noncommissioned officer who spoke last week at our post.

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