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Understanding the meaning of Crackberry

Submitted by on Sunday, 10 May 2009 6 Comments

blackberry_stormMy frustration level passed “had it” Tuesday morning when I spent 45 minutes doing the signal dance while on the phone with a company’s customer service department.

I knew it wasn’t my carrier – plenty of other people who use my carrier have no problem in our house, including Dad. But alas and alack, he’s allowed to have his phone now that he’s in advanced training, so I’d lost my backup.

The only solution: A new phone for me.

I’d been fighting the good battle, resisting a Blackberry since my contract had expired in December. I fully intended to remain strong.

Big Guy foiled that.

“So what phone are you interested in?” the salesman asked.

“She wants a Blackberry,” Big Guy chimed in. He’d already been eyeing the display mere feet in front of us in “can’t miss it from the counter” territory. I know they do that on purpose, but he didn’t.

Before I could say, “what I want is a different answer from what I’m going to buy,” the salesman pulled out a Storm. I didn’t mean to touch it. It followed me home.

I’ve texted Dad 12 times today. I’m still a rank amateur by many standards, but it’s enough to make me realize my paltry 250 messages a month isn’t going to do. I increased my account to unlimited to my carrier, 500 for the rest of the world.

They’ve all been vitally important messages, too.

  • “Headed to the game. Big Guy won’t wear the damn pants he insisted he had to have.”
  • “Wow! Why didn’t someone tell me salad is this good with the white dressing, “accompanied by a picture of Big Guy actually eating something green.
  • “It’s sprinkler season! In five minutes, he’ll cry that he’s cold,” with an image of Boots cavorting in the front yard. I risked combining water, kids and a pricey new phone only because the camera zooms.
  • “Boots just got dressed shorts first and then underwear. Guess I should be glad he remembered underwear. Nothing was on backward, though.”
  • “Got Big Guy this time. ‘My shirts are all stupid.’ Really? I said. Well you picked them all out. HA!”

Videos of Big Guy stretching his face into Silly Putty and of Boots singing the Noggin crackberry“Taxi” song. Pictures from Big Guy’s game. Trivial fleeting details.

Except they’re not trivial when you’re miles and miles away and won’t see your kids for another two months.

“I love it!” Dad said. “Keep sending this instead of the Daily Report. I don’t have anywhere to put all the papers, and I can’t throw them away.”

Once again, print loses to the immediacy of electronic.

Dad doesn’t realize yet that his dumb phone doesn’t have near the storage capacity of my beautiful eight-gig Blackberry and he’ll have to delete sooner or later. Sooner if I keep sending videos.

Something tells me we’re not going to be a one Crackberry family for long.

Copyright 2009 Debra Legg.

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  • Beth said:

    HA! I succumbed to the lure of the Crackberry in August. Been to Crackberry.com yet?

    Good danged thing we have unlimited texting, because my 14-year-old daughter racks up 8,000+ a month.

    Just wait….


  • Debra said:

    I hadn’t been there until now. Oh, the ring tones! Oh, the apps! Oh, I must set parental controls on my own computer on this site.

    And I totally expected Big Guy at least to be in the 8,000 a month club once we finally let him loose. He can actually work the keyboard on mine better than I can already. I’m blaming it on my bigger thumbs and not technical incompetence.

  • Leslie K said:

    I have this feeling I am next….I have a Shine…and I hate it..too hard to use because darn thing is so shiny you can’t SEE anything…I thought iphone but who has that kind of money and do I really need an application that allows me to measure how level my office desk is?

  • Debra said:


    Yes, I’d say you’re next, probably by September at the latest. I think I did well, resisting from January to May. :)

    I was up to 25 texts to Dad yesterday, though I’m blaming part of it on the weekend. Important stuff I have to keep him informed on, like “Big Guy wants to know how many people were at our wedding. ‘I don’t know.” Boots: ‘They wouldn’t stand still so you could count them..’ ”

    Oh, and I got a decent deal on the Crackberry, too, because I was eligible for a “new” under “new every two.” And because my account already was the most expensive voice-only (I don’t have a land line) my bill didn’t go up that much. How’s all that for rationalization?

  • ParentingPink said:

    Oooooooh! I’m so jealous! I want a Blackberry (Pearl) in PINK, no less! BUT I have to wait until my current cell phone contract expires to get the deal – ugh!

    Glad Big Guy talked you into one! Come on, you know you love it now that you have it in your lucky little hands!

  • Debra said:

    I am so hopelessly head over heels I’m almost ashamed to admit it.

    Er, it’s an essential tool for facilitating smooth family relationships when one party is at a distance.

    And to Big Guy’s credit, he told the salesman to take the hot-pink cover he tried to push on me back where it came from. I probably would have bought the cover, too, if the salesman hadn’t stereotyped me. :)

    Hey, maybe I should start a poll/contest on the site: Who breaks first, Elizabeth or Leslie?