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Review: DaVinci syrups not just for winter anymore

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davinci_syrupUsed to be flavored syrups were a staple during winter only, except for the annual spurt of 104-plus degree days that make it too warm for even me to drink hot coffee outside.

That was before the guys discovered flavored sodas at Borders.

I’m not talking about Nehi/Fanta variety soda pop. I’m talking about the old-fashioned, made-from-soda-water-and-syrup variety. The kind that leaves Big Guy’s eyes lolling. “It’s soooooo good!”

“You know,” I said casually, the way I always do when I’m about to drop an “I’m so amazing” Mommy bomb. “We can make those at home. Then you can have them anytime you want.” Then I can save $1.95 a drink, I thought.

“You can?” Big Guy exclaimed. “Wow!”

Thus marked the debut of DaVinci Gourmet All-Natural Syrups as a summer staple.

Yes, I realize it’s still soda pop. Yes, I know it’s still a sugary drink with no redeeming nutritional value. But at least it’s one made with real sugar, not the high fructose corn syrup variety. And at least it doesn’t have dye.

Lack of corn syrup was the reason I started buying DaVinci three years ago, when we were afraid Boots was allergic to corn. He’s not, but I’ve stuck with DaVinci because I’m mildly allergic to corn. Plus I don’t like some of the things I’ve read about high fructose corn syryup. That DaVinci’s All Natural line is dye-free is an added bonus.

The all natural line is just as tasty as any other coffee syrup I’ve tried. Despite the lack of preservatives, the only flavor I’ve had a spoilage problem with was blueberry. Visible mold formed on that bottle within a few months.

The only gripe I have about DaVinci All Natural – aside from the moldy blueberry – is the lack of variety. There are only 13 flavors in the all natural line.

Mom would like it if there were an all-natural pumpkin spice, and an all-natural cherry flavor would send Big Guy over the moon.

They’re also a little pricey – $7.99 for a 700 ml bottle, compared to $6.95 or less for some flavors of Torani. It’s another case of getting what you pay for, when you have to pay extra if they leave out dye and corn syrup.

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