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Four fabulous friends fill in – and you might not want me back

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More than 200 posts into the year and I is tired. I is so tired I’m punch drunk and tittering at the thought of Professor Atkins’ head exploding – as it did every time I broke a journalistic rule in college – at the use of “I is tired.”

I is tired, Professor A. Deal with it.

So I’m taking a mini-break and turning the main stage over to four friends, fine bloggers all. (I is so tired I is silly in love with alliteration right now.) I’ll be around, peeking out from behind the curtains, but the spotlight’s on 9to5to9′s first guest writers while I half relax.

As if toting the guys cross-country on a red eye is going to be all that relaxing, but I’ll get to that post later.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Steve, Elizabeth, Brian and Leslie for agreeing to help me out. You’re stellar, folks.

The guest cast, in order of appearance:

Steve Elliott

steve_elliottSteve is a former colleague and foe in office Nerf wars. He has more than 20 years’ writing experience and recently added another entry to an already impressive resume: Published author. Yeah, I’ll admit it, Steve. I’m a little jealous. His first book, “The Portable Dad,” was released this month. He shares more of his essential tips and tricks for fixing it when dad’s not around at his Web site, The Portable Dad.

Elizabeth Donovan

Elizabeth is a psychotherapist who worked with adolescents before becoming a stay-at-home mom to three girls. She’s also founder of the Web site Parenting Pink, which offers articles, forums, tips and advice on raising strong girls. She’s being allowed to invade our little boyland here because I also believe in raising strong girls who don’t take any grief from guys. Plus she’s written a really fun post.

Brian Heath

brian_heathBrian Heath is a 40-something hubby of one, daddy of two, and credit wonk for a certain large Ohio-based utility company.  When he’s not helping wrangle his 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, he’s blogging at Vanilla Cokehead. Brian is responsible this week for making sure someone gets a SWAT – a standing feature at 9 to 5to9 that highlights public foolishness each week.

Leslie Shaw Klinger

Leslie is an unashamed Catholic Out Loud who’s been sober since May 4, 1993. She’s also a San Francisco 49ers and Cal Bears fan who’s convinced you do not have to be a complete jerk in order to be successful. She’s also finishing a screenplay. She blogs regularly about this and more at Quiet Consecration.

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