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Simple gifts: Sweet on teacher

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Trying to come up with a gift for the guys’ teachers two years ago was a challenge. I couldn’t think of a thing they probably didn’t already have 3,000 of. Still, Big Guy was 3 and old enough to learn to start expressing appreciation. And to help me.

Finally, I hit on the idea of a candy box. I bought 2x4x3 tin cubes, $10 for a four-pack, at Big Lots and filled them with an assortment. Then Big Guy and I created a greeting card playing off the candy.

It read as follows:


We just want to say thanks for all you do for us!

For the Mounds of things we learn!

For the Kisses and TLC every day.

For the snacks that fill our Jelly Bellies.

For the way you make us feel better when we get owies, such as stubbed little Tootsies.

You’re a real Lifesaver, worth far more than $100 Grand.

All the candy was nut-free at the time. One of Boots’ teachers was peanut-allergic, and I also wanted everything to be safe in case Big Guy decided to mooch. Please check the labels, though, to make sure it’s still nut-free!

I’ll admit the idea is a little cheesy, but Big Guy enjoyed packing the boxes, helping me create the card and with the ribbon (black was his favorite color at the time, so you can imagine) and putting way too many stickers on the cards. Boots helped with the stickers as well, actually applying a few to the card instead of himself.

This gift also can take a Grinchy tone. Feel free to try this ditty on someone as a joke. Because, after all, why bother giving candy to someone you really can’t stand:

You are an absolute Zero. Whatever you make on Payday, it’s too much. You’re definitely no Smarties. In fact, it’s Nutrageous what a moron you are.

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