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9to5to9: The Big Guy Curse might be over

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I thought WVU’s 4:30 p.m. Pacific time kickoff would work.

Big Guy’s soccer practice starts at 5:30 so that gave him less than an hour, taking into account fiddling-around-getting-ready time and pregame talking heads time, to mess with the Mountaineers.

Then the coach’s wife called a little after 4. “We’re cancelling practice this week. There’s no game Saturday, and a lot of folks are tied up. See you next week!”

Dang it. Can I send Big Guy anyway?

Oops. The karmically correct train of thought would have been, “I’m delighted to have the chance to spend more time with my beloved oldest baby.” Because when you’re talking about Big Guy and the Mountaineers, you don’t need to summon extra demons. There are enough flitting around as it is.

To avoid dwelling on painful memories of the past two seasons, I’ll summarize quickly: WVU football on TV, Big Guy gripes because I’m watching, Mountaineers go down in flames faster than a couch burning on campus.

His best performance was when he made us lose to Pitt at the end of last season, a game that should have been in the bag for WVU if ever there were a bagged game.

Ay, but what about the Fiesta Bowl, you ask? Most of it aired after the guys’ bedtime.

I think the WVU athletic department is on to him — Thursday’s Auburn game was the first televised on the West Coast this season. A rational person would attribute that to the lack of television ratings for a small-market, unranked college team. I know better.

I also know I should never have told Big Guy the game was going to be televised. It slipped — an excuse with similarities to the Mountaineer offense on the road this season.

The poor dear was so egcitick about watching, though, that I didn’t have the heart to lock him in a closet. Not even after the inevitable starting happening. An Auburn field goal, a Tiger touchdown and Big Guy shook his head sadly. “That’s just too many goals. The Mountaineers will never win.” Hush child, I thought.

A WVU field goal answered by an Auburn touchdown, 17-3. A Mountaineer touchdown put them within striking distance, 17-10 at the half. If only …

The doorbell rang. It was his cousins. Bored with the halftime chatter, he wanted to go outside and play soccer. Yes! That’s, of course, when WVU pulled ahead.

I searched for a sedative when he came back in early in the fourth quarter. The Mountaineers were up, but only by three.

“Don’t you guys want to play some more?” I asked.

“No. I want to watch the Mountaineers.”

Lovely. I left the room, unable to witness this again.

A few minutes later, there was a tug at my shirt.

“Mommy, someone scored.” I didn’t need to ask who. “And the score’s … uh … the Mountaineers have 2-7 now. What’s that?”

Oh. My. God. WVU scored. With Big Guy in the room. And scored again nine minutes later.

Could it be the curse is over?

The next televised game isn’t until Nov. 28. Pitt — the one Big Guy screwed up big time for us last season. I’m cautiously optimistic, but one false move and the kid’s going back in the closet.

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