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Ansel Adams step aside — Big Guy’s shooting

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So why does my 5-year-old have a $200 digital camera?

Because, well, uh … I couldn’t help myself. And because I was trying to spare my $500 model.

At least, that’s my rationalization. I’m not spoiling him — I’m being practical. I’m sure there are those who would argue that I should just tell him “”cameras aren’t for kids”" and be done with it, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Not that Big Guy’s hand-me-down would cost anywhere close to $200 today, if you can even find one at an anorexic two megapixels. My phone camera is three megapixels, and it’s close to 2 years old. I think 2 megapixel models come in Cracker Jack boxes these days.

But six years ago, ay, 2 megapixels was hot. I got one for Christmas and swore I’d never buy film again. A few months later, I was back on the celluloid. Two megapixels with no optical zoom wasn’t cutting it, though it did come in handy for the occasional quick email snapshot after baby Big Guy was born.

A few Christmases later, I splurged on an 8 megapixel Canon PowerShot, which will do until I win the lottery and can upgrade to an $8,000 EOS.

My scrawny little 2 megapixels was relegated to a box under my desk, because I can’t bear to get rid of anything I might use “”someday.”"

Except I thought “”someday”" would arrive somewhere around Big Guy’s 10th birthday. Never dreamed it would come shortly after he started kindergarten.

I suppose, though, it makes sense. When you’re mom’s a photo bug and you’ve had a camera stuck in your face since you were mere hours old, you tend to pick up an interest. Lately, it’s been all I can do to keep his mitts off my Canon.

Which is why today I choked on the dust atop the box and introduced Miss Anorexic to Big Guy. Look for your wedding invitation in the mail soon. They’ve been inseparable.

He’s photographed the doorbell, the shrubs, the couch, the house, the car, Little Guy, his bicycle and me — repeatedly. Did I mention that I hate having my picture taken? Guess it’s my penance for aiming at everyone else all these years. One of my sister still resents my collection of big-butt pregnant pictures taken when she was in her ninth month with her second.

I’ve upload pictures to the computer three times today — Miss Anorexic holds only 14 images at a time. Yes, I’ve thought of buying a flash card, but that does strike me as spoiling.

He’s doing OK for a 5-year-old. For every head chopped off, there’s a photo of a full body. For every blurry image — he’s a righty but left-eye dominant like his mom, so camera shake is a problem — there’s a crystal clear shot.

Most importantly, though, he’s inspired and motivated to explore the world. I’ll take that over being inspired to sit on his buns and watch TV any day.

The boy’s got it bad. He’s planning on taking pictures during his annual checkup tomorrow, and he’s dreaming of his next camera.

“”Mom, someday you can get me a new camera and brother can have this one,”" he said this evening.

Sure thing, babes. As soon as I win the lottery and splurge on that EOS.

Copyright 2008 Big Guy. All rights reserved.

Story, additional images copyright 2008 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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