A brown belt for Big Guy – not that it’s important
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It was testing week in karate and, as usual, Big Guy was under the gun. Not as much as he used to be, when he didn’t have a clue and had to frantically cram, but …

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Election issues: Let’s sit down in our thinking chairs and think
Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2008 – 1:02 | 2 Comments
Election issues: Let’s sit down in our thinking chairs and think

I love politics, I love policy, I love government. There, I’ve said it.
Three out of four years, that makes me a freak. This year, I’m kind of cool, and I’m enjoying it. People actually want …

Election Issues: Spread around the wealth — you bet
Wednesday, 22 Oct, 2008 – 0:58 | 3 Comments
Election Issues: Spread around the wealth — you bet

I am comfortably middle class. Though that assumes that there’s still comfort in a middle class where the day-care bill is higher than a pre-housing boom mortgage and climbing at twice the rate of inflation.
Not …

Election Issues: Can we turn toward civility?
Thursday, 16 Oct, 2008 – 11:15 | Comments Off
Election Issues: Can we turn toward civility?

I watched last night’s debate having made up my mind long ago about my vote for president and doubting anyone would say about the issues that would change that.
It’s always that way with many voters …

I don’t care if Bristol Palin’s pregnant — let’s look at the resume
Thursday, 4 Sep, 2008 – 3:01 | Comments Off

Hurry, hurry, step right up to the greatest political sideshow on Earth: The American electoral system.

If you enjoyed previous exhibitions featuring a bunny-bashing president and his drunk brother, you’re going to love what’s in store this year.

See folks agog that 17-year-old Bristol Palin is with child out of wedlock. And that the father is a hockey-playing Alaska redneck who doesn’t want kids, according to news reports based on a MySpace profile that’s since been made private.

Watch women, normally liberally, assail Sarah Palin for choosing to campaign for vice president with a 4-month-old Down syndrome baby “who needs her.” Is that the sound of left knuckles dragging the ground?

Hear Rudy Giuliani blast those who ask whether Sarah Palin can be a mother and vice president. “When do they ever ask a man that question? When?” he tells the Republican National Convention. Right message, more than a few hypocrites in the cheering throng.

So Palin’s a mom and a former beauty queen. So what
Saturday, 30 Aug, 2008 – 3:43 | Comments Off

Of all the things said today about Sarah Palin, what amused me most was the surprise, not that a mother is running for vice president, but that a woman with a 4-month-old is on the Republican ticket.

“”What kind of mother is she?”"

Well, one who’s roaring back after giving birth, in sharp contrast to every woman who’s returned to the office to see herself marginalized after maternity leave.

Then came critics honing in on her appearance and her long-ago status as runner-up in the Miss Alaska Pageant. “”John McCain knows how important it is to have a trophy wife Veep on his arm,”" an America OnLine blogger wrote. “”Pinup girl for the right wing,”" snorted another blogger.Did anyone call Dan Quayle a trophy 20 years ago?

McCain came