A brown belt for Big Guy – not that it’s important
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It was testing week in karate and, as usual, Big Guy was under the gun. Not as much as he used to be, when he didn’t have a clue and had to frantically cram, but …

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Picky eaters and allergy-safe cooking — the two aren’t necessarily unrelated.

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Product review: Yummy Earth lollipops
Monday, 1 Dec, 2008 – 20:22 | Comments Off
Product review: Yummy Earth lollipops

They’re dye-free, gluten-free, corn-free, peanut-safe and organic. And right about now you’re thinking they’re going to be disgusting, aren’t you?
Wrong. Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops might well be the best on the planet — and the …

Kids and Allergies product review: FruitaBu natural, but pricey
Friday, 13 Jun, 2008 – 7:05 | Comments Off

WHAT: FruitaBu organic fruit twirls and flats
WHAT: Dye-free and peanut safe. Also free of all other major allergens except soy.
THE APPEAL: A certified organic snack that bills itself as being a full serving of fruit.
COST: $3.79 for a six pack at a local grocery store. At that price and with two kids, we don’t buy them a lot.
KID REVIEW: Both guys are obsessed. They start hopping around the second they see the box. Luckily, FruitaBu winds up high on the shelves at our local grocery and discount stores, so they usually don’t see it at the store. The FruitaBu people must not be paying the tribute necessary to get the good, mid-level product placement that inspires kids to clamor. Little Guy likes all flavors of the flats and twirls. Big Guy loves grape, will

Kids and Allergies: Mott’s Fruit Chews
Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008 – 6:19 | Comments Off

Originally publish Nov. 15, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

WHAT: Mott’s All Natural Fruit Snacks
WHAT: Dye-free and peanut safe.
THE APPEAL: After a year of hopefully reading fruit chew labels, only to find the evil Red 40 or Yellow 5 in all of them, I finally scored with this product. It’s not going to be a staple in their diet, but at least it’s a chance for Big Guy to have what other kids do.
COST: $3.99 for a 24 pack at Target.
KID REVIEW: The guys loved them. But, then, what do they know? They’ve never had a fruit snack before.
MOM REVIEW: Though they’re made with fruit juice and applesauce, don’t be mislead. It’s still candy and still loaded with corn syrup. The claim of “good source of vitamin C” also is pretty bogus. They weigh

Trick or treating gets trickier
Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008 – 6:14 | Comments Off

Originally publish Oct. 28, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

When I was a kid, a neighbor who handed out a few marquee candies could win admiration and extra smiles for an entire year M&Ms, Snickers and Reese cups always were high on the list.

As a parent of an allergic kid, I can spot that terrible trio the second we step onto someone’s drive way. At least I’ve learned not to cringe.

Another Halloween, more candy to confiscate.

I’m lucky in a way that Big Guy has been allergic to peanut and egg from virtually the beginning. He’s never eaten Snickers, Reese cups or Three Musketeers, so he doesn’t miss them. He’s used to me sorting his candy the second we get home, so that’s no big deal either.

And there’s always been enough left to keep him