A brown belt for Big Guy – not that it’s important
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It was testing week in karate and, as usual, Big Guy was under the gun. Not as much as he used to be, when he didn’t have a clue and had to frantically cram, but …

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Picky eaters and allergy-safe cooking — the two aren’t necessarily unrelated.

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The freedom to eat pizza – (almost) any time and any place
Monday, 15 Nov, 2010 – 14:22 | 4 Comments
The freedom to eat pizza – (almost) any time and any place

We didn’t really have time to stop, and if we did Big Guy would miss his karate class. Still, a promise is a promise, so I let him make the call.
“Yes, yes, YES! Momma, I …

Learning to survive on his own
Thursday, 28 Jan, 2010 – 9:39 | Comments Off
Learning to survive on his own

He’s survived solo birthday parties.
He successfully navigated the 100th Day of School, even when a food he can’t eat made a surprise appearance. He told the substitute teacher, and the food disappeared quickly. I’m not …

You can’t eat that. I’m allergic
Tuesday, 28 Apr, 2009 – 22:54 | Comments Off
You can’t eat that. I’m allergic

Get rid of a few eggs and evict the peanut butter and before you know it a kid thinks he’s king of the cupboard by the time he’s in kindergarten.
Such was the case with Big …

The most important spelling words for an allergic kid
Sunday, 15 Mar, 2009 – 10:23 | Comments Off
The most  important spelling words for an allergic kid

Allergy-wise, it’s been a disastrous weekend.
We showed up at a birthday party to see bowls of peanuts among the snacks. It freaked Big Guy out, but I’ve been trying to teach him to avoid rather …

Working with food-allergic families makes good business sense
Sunday, 25 Jan, 2009 – 12:30 | Comments Off
Working with food-allergic families makes good business sense

There is one, and only one, pizza place we go to in town.
We don’t even go there often, because we’ve cut back drastically on eating out. Still, the guys deserve a treat once in a …

Kids and Allergies: Throwing out the allergic kid not good business
Tuesday, 4 Nov, 2008 – 0:31 | Comments Off
Kids and Allergies: Throwing out the allergic kid not good business

Talk about dogmatic adherence to rules that backfired big time for a Washington State skating rink.
The rink has a policy that any food not purchased on site must be eaten in the lobby. That requirement …

Kids and Allergies Qdoba a restaurant that gets it right
Wednesday, 20 Aug, 2008 – 6:37 | Comments Off

I thought a co-worker was trying to inflict me with the mid-morning munchies last week when she handed me a brochure with a colorful plate of nachos on the front.

“I don’t know if this helps you any, but we ate there last night and I picked it up,” she said.

It helped me wish I’d packed something besides a turkey sandwich in my lunch today, I thought. But when I opened the flier, I realized she’d handed me something more valuable than a winning lottery ticket.

It was an ingredient list and top eight allergen information for the entire menu at Qdoba Mexican Grill, a chain that just opened a store where we live.

I gasped. Here, on a simple double-sided paper were all the details I grill every poor wait

It’s a BYOS pizza party
Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008 – 6:17 | Comments Off

Originally publish Nov. 8, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

I’ve been to restaurants that have gone above and beyond the call to let Big Guy eat, and I’ve been to restaurants that have moved heaven and earth in an attempt that fell a bit short.

But never, in decades of dealing with food allergies, have I been to a restaurant that’s charged me to bring my own food. Or part of it, at least.

The situation: Big Guy’s end-of-season soccer party is Saturday, so I called the pizza place today to see if he was going to be able to eat their food. I had pretty much assumed he wouldn’t – Italian food is a real challenge when you have a garlic allergy. Che Debra is about the only joint I know that regularly serves garlic-free

Daring to dine out
Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008 – 6:02 | Comments Off

Originally publish June 18, 2007, thehive.modbee.com

I pity the poor waitperson who gets stuck with us as customers. It’s always a rousing round of 20 questions. If it’s any consolation to our future waiters and waitresses, I’m getting better. I used to instigate several return trips to the kitchen, as I kept piling on questions I’d forgotten to ask the first time.

That’s why we rarely eat out, other than McDonald’s, which might do a lot of things bad but is actually pretty good at providing detailed allergen information.

Recently, though, we didn’t have much choice but to eat somewhere else. My brother and his wife were passing through the area for not very long, and if we wanted to spend time with them, a meal had to be involved.

They’re truck drivers, so we