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Why I won’t be saying (much) about that whack job in Florida

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Gen. David Petraeus spoke out against his plans yesterday, and I tweeted a link to the story.

That’s the last  you’ll hear from me about the deranged “minister” in Florida who seems to have captured the country’s attention with a celebration of hate-mongering he has scheduled for Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

I bit on a similar hate fest back in the spring, and I still kick myself for giving an evil “pastor” in Kansas exactly what he wanted: Attention.

I fear that other “clergy” are following his gameplan. Justify vile deeds in the name of Christianity, orchestrate over-the-top stunts and everyone will watch. Mostly – thank God or Allah, take your pick – they’ll disagree, but in the process you’ll generate enough attention that a few more off-balanced folks of a similar bent  will join your “cause.”

The plan’s worked for the Kansas “church” for years, and now it appears to be working for the guy in Florida as well. Hillary Clinton’s spoke out against his plans. The White House has , feeliweighed in, for Pete’s sake.

And all of this for a “pastor” whom most estimate has a congregation of about 50 on any given Sunday. If so few in Florida are listening, why should the rest of us pay attention to him either?

That’s why this post has few details, no names and no links. Everyone still knows whom I’m talking about, but at least I won’t generate more juice with the search engines.

There are others who choose a different path because they feel compelled to counter evil done in the name of religion. I respect that approach, because you never know when a nutjob’s off-balance ideas can gather enough momentum to take hold among desperate people. See: Hitler and virulent anti-Semitism.

I’m also well aware of the century’s old quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

For now, though, I’m looking at the number of people who actually listen to him – I’m not counting the number of Facebook “fans” he has, because people on Facebook will friend ducks if they look friendly enough – and I’m not seeing numbers big enough to justify worldwide attention.

That’s why he’s getting no more of mine.

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