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What’s in Dad’s care package

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Dad claims he can’t get to sleep without background noise, though snoring must qualify or else he would have been in a worse-than-normal state of chronic deprivation during basic training.

It’s led to many marital disputes over the years, because I like dead quiet and pitch darkness. We finally worked out a compromise: The TV stays on until he dozes off, then I get to turn it off. Since I always fall asleep last because the dang TV keeps me awake, it works.

It doesn’t work so well in Afghanistan, where plywood partitions divide rooms and any music or computer can easily keep the guy next “door” awake. So Dad’s relied on the cheap set of head phones he bought before he left. They cost less than $10, so I was surprised that they’d lasted as long as they did.

He couldn’t find even a cheap replacement set on his base, so this week we sent him a new one. A nice set, with a microphone that’s gone a long way toward solving our Skype audio problems as well. I’m sure they’ve also kept peace among his fellow soldiers, who likely aren’t as willing as I am to sneak up and turn off the noise after he falls asleep.

The rest of the package:

Mike & Ike and JuJu Fruits: I don’t know if Dad’s ever eaten these in his life, but they guys picked out theater-size boxes at the commissary.

Planter’s Pistachio Lovers Mix: Dad’s definitely a pistachio lover, so this 21-ounce can should keep him happy for a few days at least.

StarKist Creations: Two packs of plain tuna. Unlike the Bumblebee and StarKist packages we’ve been sending, the packaging is more compact in part  because it doesn’t come with crackers. I’m not sure if he’s going to like it as well, though, it’s packed in water instead of oil. We’ll see!

Paydays: Two bars to fulfill the weekly Recommended Dad Allowance.

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  • Leslie K. said:

    Debbie, Ryan is supposed to leave in about 10 days now. Will he get a new APO? He is so tired all he can tell us is that anything we send him now will be forwarded and then he’ll let us know what his new address is when he knows what it will be…and this is the most frustrating deployment. He has been ‘about to get on the plane’ for two weeks now…driving me CRAZY.

  • Debra said:

    They’re ALL like that, Leslie. Dad was “about to get on a plane” for two months! I think the Army invented “hurry up and wait.”