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What’s in Dad’s care package

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We pulled out hair out for an idea for Father's Day before we finally wound up in the crafts shop on post. I wish we'd wound up there a week earlier, because it was too late to make mugs that Dad could actually drink out of - we didn't have time to do food-safe paint at this point. I'm sure he'll enjoy is orange-and-green pirate pencil holder and his shades-of-blue mug. "He could put a paper cup inside of it and use it for a holder," the lady running the shop suggested helpfully.

By the time I padded and bubble wrapped the mugs, they took up most of the room in this shipment. We still were able to wedge in a few other things.

Coffee: Oh, the irony of sending two pounds of Starbucks in a shipment that includes mugs he can't drink from. It had been a while since we'd sent coffee, though, and I figured his office stash might be running low.

Creamer: A 15-ounce jar of sweet Italian cream flavor. This will work well for someone doesn't really like coffee in its natural state.

Corn Nuts: The guys discovered these in the PX this week. Boots loves anything with the word "corn" in it, and Big Guy reluctantly tried them after he saw Boots' lip-smacking bliss. We sent three packages: regular, ranch and barbecue. They fit in neatly around the gift box.

Paydays: Two bars to fulfill the weekly Recommended Dad Allowance.

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