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What’s in Dad’s care package

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Welcome to the summer vacation edition of care packages, where both guys are in tow during shopping trips and they bicker all the way through the commissary about what Dad’s going to like best.

“I’m getting him Rice Krispie Treats,” Boots says. “He’ll love those.” Oddly enough, Dad does love them. When he’s around, a 13-inch pan has an incredibly short life expectancy even though I put sprinkles on them and he doesn’t quite get the whole sprinkle thing.

“I’m going to get him Slim Jims,” Big Guy counters. “The hot ones. He’ll love them better.”

We, of course, get both after I assure the guys that he’ll love them both the same, just as the guys sometimes love pizza and sometimes they love cake. OK, so maybe that’s a bad example since the guys would happily live on both pizza and cake.

Rice Krispie Treats: A 16-bar variety pack that included regular, chocolate and strawberry.

Slim Jims: Two, 16-piece packages, one jalapeno and one pepperoni.

Craisins Trail Mix: Two, six-ounce bags

Chex Mix 100 Calorie packs: We picked cheddar, but only because there was no Hot and Spicy in stock at our commissary. I kept the eight-pack in its original box, thinking they’d get less crunched up en route that way.

Pumpkin seeds: A five-ounce package. They’re Dad’s favorite, and I wish I could have found a bigger bag.

Sunflower seeds: A 14-ounce bag

Gum: A multi-pack of Extra. I threw this in at the last minute after I saw him chomping away on Skype one morning.

The monthly family movie: This one includes the preschool “congraduation,” Big Guy’s end-of-year party minus the weeper, baseball footage and assort daily shenanigans. I learned a lesson from the last edition of the movie and delayed the stateside mailings for two weeks after recipients who got theirs before Dad’s arrived blabbed the entire contents to him. Loose lips sink your DVD shipments, bub.

Paydays: Two bars to fulfill the weekly Recommended Dad Allowance.

The guys’ journals plus some school projects.

The weekly puzzles.

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