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Thank heaven Mrs. M has a great bread pizza recipe

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I was there for the preparation but had to leave before the feast began, so I was curious to hear Big Guy’s reaction to the lunch that was part of his end-of-school party.

“Oh. My. God,” he smiled blissfully, his eyes lolling at the remembered pleasure. “It was sooooooo delicious! Can you get the bread pizza recipe from Mrs. M? Can we make it sometime?”

“Sure,” I said. “In fact, you can have it every day for lunch this summer if you want.”

Every day. Pizza every day? Oh my God, thank you Mrs. M!”

Yes, thank you, Mrs. M, but here’s my dirty little secret. Please don’t tell Big Guy or it will ruin it for him.

The bread pizza – please don’t call it “pizza bread,” because that’s not what Mrs. M said it is – was my idea as I frantically brainstormed a back-up plan with her after two pizza places nixed the initial idea.

The teacher had wanted to throw a pizza party for the class, and she wanted to make sure that Big Guy was included on an equal basis. That was partly out of concern with cross-contamination of his food with things he’s allergic to, but also because she didn’t want him to feel singled out with a subpar pizza.

Because he’s allergic to garlic I would need to provide his sauce, I said. But some restaurants will make a pizza with homemade sauce, I assured her.

It turns out that none of those restaurants is around here. Even the pizza place on post is kicking about it now, even though I’ve been providing sauce since December. When Mrs. M called around, two other places rejected the homemade sauce as a “health hazard.”

She decided to instead let the kids make their own pizzas, but individual crusts for 23 kids gets to be pricey.

How about hamburger buns? I asked, remembering when we used to have pizza for lunch every day as a kid. It’s pretty easy to find egg-free sandwich rolls that he can eat.

That will work, she said.

She wound up using sub rolls, and the kids happily spread sauce and sprinkled cheese. They probably had more fun than they would have if the pizza had shown up in boxes. “It was deeeeeeeeeeee-licious!” Big Guy declared.

Good. I am so happy that Mrs. M was able to provide us with a recipe.

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