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Single ladies at 7

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They’re unquestionably talented and undeniably cute – or they would be if they were wearing clothes. They also pretty much rock Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

But Oh. My. God. They’re 7. About Big Guy’s age, and they look like they’re working it for tips at the local gentleman’s club.

And the hell of it is, if Big Guy saw this video he’d be doing his best to re-create it. I already battle inappropriate booty shaking at least daily. It started with “I Like to Move It, Move It” when the song appeared in the movie “Madagascar, and it’s escalated from there.

To think the worse my parents had to worry about was Cher’s navel and “loose morals” in “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” She,  due largely to that song in particular, was banned in our house.

I can say with a completely straight face that Big Guy is not learning to bump and grind at our house. The guys haven’t shown much interest in music videos, other than a few decades-old songs such as “We Will Rock You” and “The Final Countdown.”

It’s true that I did introduce them to “Single Ladies” when we saw “Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.” But there’s a big difference between demurely clad animated rodents rolling their hips a bit and the hoochy momma wanna-be routine these girls are performing.

I can’t even figure out how to explain to Big Guy why his Chippendales performances – and I’m not talking about rodents now – are inappropriate. He’s been familiar with the word “sexy” for quite a while and knows it now as a word that’s going to draw a lecture about valuing women for more than their appearance.  The power of that lecture was somewhat diminished when a classmate told him that her 5-year-old sister thinks Big Guy is sexy. Let’s hear it for equality and objectifying both genders.

Maybe if I  told him that booty shaking can lead to having babies, he’d stop since he says he’s never having kids. Granted, he’d be mighty confused about how the baby-making process works, but I bet it would solve the problem for at least a few days.

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