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And Boots stood still

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(With apologies to Karma Wilson, whose “Bear” series is one of our favorites.)

When Big Guy got his yellow, he was one euphoric fellow.

Boots thought karate looked fun so he begged his mom a ton.

But Boots wouldn’t stand still.

Pay attention, sensei would say, but that wasn’t Boots’ way.

He’d flop and he’d flutter, and all the while his mom would mutter.

“Whose kid is that?” she would say, ’til Big Guy gave it all away.

“He’s yours,” Big Guy would shout. Her secret, it was out

And Boots wouldn’t stand still.

Kicking was a ball, but lack of balance made Boots fall.

He’d tumble and then laugh, enjoying each and every gaffe.

Punching, also fun. But then Boots would start to run.

Pay attention, sensei would plea. Boots would grin and ask “Who, me?”

And Boots wouldn’t stand still.

Then one sad, sad day sensei took his belt away.

She’d given him three chances but Boots persisted with the dances.

“Earn it back,” she told the lad, who didn’t want it all that bad.

And Boots wouldn’t stand still.

Belt test time arrived as Boots continued with his dives.

He’d mastered every move but couldn’t find a groove.

Attention stance triggered wiggles. It inspired many giggles.

He’d jiggle and he’d twitch, then he’d think his mom’s a witch.


It’s only 30 seconds on the clock, but for Boots a mental block.

“You can do this,” Mom would say. “You did it just the other day.”

“No, I can’t,” he would retort, his patience oh-so short.

And Boots wouldn’t stand still.

He tried and tried and tried until mother’s brains were fried.

“Did I make it?” he would ask after 15 seconds passed.

“You’re halfway there,” she’d say. “You can try another day.”

And Boots wouldn’t stand still.

He dressed up in his gi, still no belt for all to see.

He wanted to earn it back so mother planned a new attack.

This brain, it must focus. This butt stays off the mat. These ears must listen closely. Then she gave his head a pat.

When it came Boots’ turn, mother felt her stomach churn.

The seconds dragged like hours. Could Boots summon super powers?

His fingers flexed a bit, the usual precursor to a flit.

But on that magical day, Boots found another way.

His face was set in stone. He’d done it on his own.

And Boots stood still!

Copyright 2010 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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