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What’s in Dad’s care package

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We went a little bit nuts this time – as in peanuts, pistachios and the requisite Payday candy bars. I’ll admit, it’s a little weird to send pistachios to Afghanistan, a country that grows so many of them, but, hey, these were flavored.

Peanuts: A 10-ounce can of honey roasted. I’ve started sending larger packages in addition to individual servings because Dad is sharing a lot of his stash with the company, which means there’s no need to worry about it going stale before it’s eaten.

Pistachios: A 12-ounce bag of garlic-onion flavored. I’m really hoping these don’t taste horrible. I almost bought the chili-lime flavor instead, and I’m still second-guessing myself.

Nutella: A 13-ounce plastic jar. I think I just found my answer to providing a chocolate fix when it’s too hot to ship candy. Plus it will pair nicely with …

Homemade banana bread: Yes, I’ve read the horror stories about lovingly baked bread arriving overseas with only about a square inch remaining edible after it molded en route. But hear me out: I discovered when the guys hit banana-bread burnout that this recipe has quite a long counter life. It lasted a good two weeks without molding, and our shipping window is eight days. I froze the loaf, wrapped it in wax paper then put it in a Seal-A-Meal bag. I let the Seal-A-Meal go a few seconds too long, which caused my beautifully shaped loaf to cave a bit and look like it’d fallen. I then refroze the whole thing, adding it to a cardboard box within the shipping box just before leaving for the post office.

Orange drink mix: I sent a 19-ounce container rather than individual packets this time because Dad’s company has been using the individual packets to mix it up by the quart or the gallon. I might as well make it easy.

Microwave popcorn: I was able to cram eight packs around the sides of the box.

Bumble Bee tuna: The packaging on the individual servings is much smaller than Starkist, and the only things missing from Bumble Bee are a napkin and a dinner mint that we can do without. This week’s selection is Spicy Thai Chili. Have I mentioned that Dad likes spicy food?

Hot sauce: A small bottle, bubble wrapped and then encased in plastic grocery bags. I included it just in case the Spicy Thai Chili is too wimpy.

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Copyright 2010 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2010 Debra Legg. All rights reserved.

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