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A SWAT for refusing to let the birth certificate nonissue die

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It’s kind of ironic, given that John McCain was the subject of the original birther lawsuit, that Arizona is like a pit bull after a steak when the citizenship at issue is Barack Obama’s.

Or not at issue, actually, since this issue was resolved a long, long time ago. Like, back in 2007 when the Obama campaign released his Hawaiian birth certificate.

Still, some folks just won’t let it go, and this week enough of those folks got enough votes in the Arizona House of Representatives to pass a bill requiring anyone who runs for president to submit a birth certificate for the secretary of state to inspect.

According to The Arizona Republic, similar bills have passed in Oklahoma, Missouri and Florida. None has been signed into law yet.

Meanwhile, Hawaii still gets 10 to 20 requests a week for Obama’s birth certificate and officials there have fired back with a birther bill of their own that would allow officials to automatically reject information requests that they view as duplicative.

According to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, one professor doesn’t like that bill because he believes it’s broad enough to let future officials hide information.

Federally, the House already has stepped into the fray with a resolution that included a declaration that Obama was born in Hawaii. The Senate passed a similarly supportive resolution in 2008 declaring McCain, who was born of military parents stationed in the Panama Canal Zone, a natural born citizen of the United States.

If Florida Republican Bill Posey has his way state laws won’t be necessary. He wants Congress to pass a bill requiring all presidential candidates to submit documentation proving that they’re eligible to serve. Which, of course, Obama did years ago; folks just refuse to accept it. The most delicious irony there is that one of Posey’s co-sponsors won’t release a copy of his birth certificate.

Maybe that’s because he’s as sick of non-issues as 99.9 percent of Americans are.

Folks, Stop Wasting America’s Time by making up controversies. We have enough real ones to deal with  in this country without parsing what “natural born citizen” means and without Photoshopping the globe with fake proof that Obama was born elsewhere.

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