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Are the guys overbooked? Maybe. But I definitely am.

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Wednesday, sweet Wednesday. You have betrayed me.

Used to be, Wednesday was our … er, make that my day of rest because the guys never want to rest. That was back when there were only two kids in one sport each. I’ve foolishly let that grow to two kids in two sports, which doesn’t double the work. It triples it.

So instead of Wednesdays being blissfully underbooked, I’m now looking at a Google calendar that looks like it has chicken pox. Note to self: Change default event color to blue. It’s calming. Red automatically raises the blood pressure.

And with a schedule like this, no wonder I’m hyperventilating into a bag. The fact that the commissary primarily uses plastic makes that a bit dangerous:

  • 4:50: Boots’ karate class.
  • 5:15: Big Guy’s karate class
  • 5:45: Boots’ baseball practice, which starts before Big Guy’s karate ends. I’m going to have to rely on someone whose name I don’t know to¬† help out here.
  • 6:30: Big Guy’s baseball practice and, oh my GOD, it won’t be over until 7:30.

Never mind the sunscreen and water bottles the coaches remind you to bring. I’m packing dinner.

So are the guys too busy? On Wednesdays, probably. It’s do-able, though, if I can keep from losing my mind. Remember, it’s not the harried kids. It’s the frazzled parents.

I console myself that they’re not the heaviest-scheduled kids I know. One kid was taking Spanish and karate while also joining the swim team last month. He’s temporarily dropped swimming now that baseball has started.

And I realize that part of the frenetic pace is an effort to make up for my youth. Girls couldn’t play Little League when I was the guys’ age, and I was never allowed to take dance classes. They were too frivolous.

Still, I worry that even the current load of activities could mold the guys in ways that aren’t good.

It seems that if there’s nothing organized for them they quickly default to “Mommy, it’s boooooooooooooring here.” Yes, I said that at times when I was a kid. But I didn’t say it nearly as often as they already do. It bothers me that, at such young ages, they’re at times flummoxed by the idea of free time. It’s going to be a huge problem this summer, as I’ll need them to be able to play independently for at least five minutes at a time when school is out.

Ah, summer. I’m almost looking forward to spending it by the pool.

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