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Gimme a B, Gimme an A Gimme a D! What’s that spell? Bad idea!

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California sent out tens of thousands of layoff notices to teachers last year, and by the time this spring’s are tallied the total will be similar.

The state’s scores on a national test were higher than only two states, a fact the state schools superintendent somehow forgot to mention in a news release about the results.

Districts statewide are closing schools and cutting millions from their budgets.

Never mind all of that. We have to make sure that the cheerleading coaches are properly trained.

Er, excuse me. They’re properly and legally called “high school spirit activities” coaches – somehow that makes it sound like even less of a “sport” than calling it cheerleading. If Assembly Bill 1893 passes, they’ll have to be certified beginning in July 2011.

Gimme an S, gimme an I, gimme an L, gimme an L, gimme a Y. What’s that spell? Silly!

It’s also confusing, because Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi appears to be a fairly intelligent woman. A Democrat from Hayward in the Bay Area, she’s known for her expertise in health care. She’s served on a number of state and national panels, and she’s advised surgeons general.

Of the 29 bill she’s carrying this session, 1893 is by far the most ridiculous.

Teachers across the state are taking pay cuts and furlough days, and we want them to now pay to be certified to coach “spirit activities”? For districts that rely on volunteer coaches, God love ‘em, we want to force them to give up their money to donate their time?

And to solve what? I read three California newspapers daily, two frequently and a number of others occasionally. If there’s a huge problem with uncertified “spirit activity” coaches, I’m not hearing about it.

The kicker: The bill has been amended to remove a requirement that safety mats be used if “spirit activity” stunts are performed on hardwood floors. Making sure a coach sits through a class probably is much better protection.

Oh, and the bill also is a “state mandate,” which means California would have to reimburse school districts the money it costs to implement the law. With what the state is supposed to pay them is unclear.

Assemblywoman Hayashi, Stop Wasting America’s Time and use your expertise where it’s needed instead of trying to create laws that cost money and create hassle.

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