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If we’re better off without the incumbents, let’s SWAT those not willing to make us better off

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A recent Rasmussen Poll found that 63 percent of the country believes we’d be better off if most of Congress were re-elected.

Granted, Scott Rasmussen has worked on Republican campaigns before and some question whether the polls are skewed. On the other hand, he also was rated as the most accurate pollster in the last election season.

California’s Field Poll has an impeccably nonpartisan reputation. Its latest survey on attitudes toward the state Legislature showed that only 16 percent of those questioned approve of the Assembly and Senate’s work in Sacramento.

Clearly, we have a trend here.

Polls on the national and state levels show deep dissatisfaction with government. The question is, is anyone going to do anything about it? We’ve heard this before but, with the exception of the 1994 Contract for America Congressional class, there’s been a disconnect between the dissatisfaction and the results on Election Day.

We gripe about the current officer holders. We complain that the country is going to hell in a hand basket. And then we turn right around and re-elect the same people. Huh?

I’ve been as guilty as everyone else. At times, faced with incumbents I don’t like – even ones I’ve had extreme philosophical differences with – I’ve picked them anyway due to the general cluelessness of the challengers. Given the choice between someone who has half a brain and some who’s just wasting ink on the ballot, I figure half a brain is better than none, hold my nose and vote.

I’m tired of having sore nostrils the first Wednesday of every November.

It’s easier today than it ever has been for a candidate with only a little money to mount a credible campaign. Sadly, it’s still an uphill fight since corporations are people and we can’t limit their campaign donations. Thanks, Supreme Court!

It’s still possible, nonetheless, to move the masses on a very low budget. If they can figure out how in Iran, surely someone can manage it here. The polling data indicate that a lot of folks in America are ready to listen.

And for voters who won’t take the time to study issues and make well-reasoned choices, Stop Wasting America’s Time and sit out the next election. If you keep voting for the same people you always have, we’ll get the same results we’ve been getting.

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