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Chia Cam: Day 22

Submitted by on Monday, 1 February 2010 No Comment
I don't think the thin, scraggly look was quite what the guys were going for.

"He's looking bad," Big Guy said. "Maybe we should cut some and feed it to Eloise. Maybe that will make it grow better." Obviously he's accepted the theory he's heard from his dad for years: That if you shave your head, the hair will grow back thicker.

At least they're not blaming me for the lack of lush covering. I followed the instructions to the letter, other than the "place your Chia® in a sunny location." part. Sun's been hard to find of late, even around here. And if Chias need sun, why do they sell them mainly at Christmas?

It could be that, in the case of a Chia Scooby, dog years are a little faster than they are for a flesh-and-blood canine. The company's  Web site says "full coat in one to two weeks." A commenter at another site says a Chia's life expectancy is only 10 days. Yikes!

Scooby, you could well wind up being a hamster snack soon.

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