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No! Not my precious projects!

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It was a sad, sad day when Boots’ folder came home from school last week brimming with Christmas-era artwork. Stockings, trees, gingerbread and more, all removed from the classroom walls in order to make room for new works.

It’s too bad I can’t clear my walls that easily.

The only new addition to the kitchen in recent months are the Daddy posters we made after my husband deployed. Otherwise, it looks like time has stood still since October.

We have a ship crafted from torn construction paper from Columbus Day. Beside it there’s a pumpkin on the back of a paper plate. Just above the pumpkin is the letter C – a lesson that came 14 letters ago.

I’m not allowed to remove it. Not a single tissue-paper tatter, and that becomes a problem when a new inch-thick stack of papers arrives.

“Let’s put up my snowman,” Boots said as he sorted through his folder.

“OK. What do you want to take down?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Nuffing.”

“But there’s no more room.”

“Nuffing, I said.”

I offered to let Boots keep the older pieces in his closet – Big Guy and I struck that deal last year when he didn’t want to toss anything. Sadly, it’s not much of an issue with Big Guy these days, as the No Child Left Behind era has pushed frivolity such as art out of classrooms.

Boots wouldn’t bite to the Big Guy treaty, though. For Boots artwork is to be seen, not to be stashed in a dark corner where no one can admire it.

So the folder sits, waiting for detente in the artwork imbroglio. And, no, I can just throw it away – not yet, at least – because Boots visits it every so often. There might be hope for me soon, though.

Boots’ class is getting ready for an art show at the end of the week. They’re working on their creations, and the parents will get to visit the class to review the pieces Friday. Boots is impressed with himself, and who wouldn’t be? “Art show” sounds so much more interesting than “Mom and Dad are coming to see what I did all week with crayons.”

I’m hoping he’ll continue to be impressed when the projects come home and let me finally take down the Halloween decorations.

As for the snowman, sorry, bub. I’m going to keep pushing you ever closer to the pile of magazines until I can make it all go bye-bye in one fell swoop. I’m hoping this will happen sometime around Easter.

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