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Chia Cam: Day 7

Submitted by on Sunday, 17 January 2010 No Comment

I am convinced that the spirits of the original animals have possessed the Chia Pets.

Scooby, a dog: He's happy to see you and eager to please. Chia Scooby is sprouting green all over the place.

Garfield, a cat: He doesn't give a flip what you want and will do as he darn well pleases. Chia Garfield has gone back under the Sara Lee bonnet because, after days of progress, he's decided to dry out and quit sprouting. I beg him to cooperate, because Boots will be crushed if he withers and dies.

Meanwhile, the cilantro seeds are showing suspicious signs of mold. I think they're sitting too close to Garfield and are adopting his attitude.

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