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Chia Cam: Day 4

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Uh-oh! Company’s come, and someone isn’t not happy that my Chia Herb Garden – also bought on a clearance sale, because I’m too cheap to pay full price – has joined Garfield and Scooby.

“No FAIR!” Boots protests. “Why do you get three and we only get two? One, really, because Garfield’s mine and Scooby’s brothers!”

“Because we can eat mine,” I said.

“Eloise can eat ours,” he countered, reminding me that I told him the hamster could snack on the Chia harvest.

“We eat more than she does. Mine are spices I can cook with.”

“What are you going to cook?”

“I have basil for marinara sauce, cilantro for salsa and chives for potatoes.”

“Those are yucky. So you just need to get us some more Chia Pets.”

I’ll put that on my list for next year’s clearance sales.

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