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More time for tiggity-boo in 2010

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I’m not a New Year’s Resolution-type person, though heaven knows there are plenty I could make this year.

Shed those extra pounds added due to recent weeks of baking cookies and making fudge – which Boots calls “pudge” with unknowing perception – might be a good start. So would an exercise program that takes a little longer than the trip to Big Guy’s bus stop each morning.

Both resolutions would be quantifiable, chartable and trackable. Scales down, you win. Scales up, you succeed.

Except I’m tired of a life of quantifying and tracking, though the occasional chart still comes in handy.

So instead, I’m making one simple vow in the waning hours of the decade: To play more tiggity-boo in the coming year.

Tiggity-boo is a game the guys made up that they like to play first thing in the morning. I was surprised to find out that “tiggity boo” is an actual sort of word, meaning that things are going to smoothly. That is so not our house most mornings.

Their version of tiggity-boo involves bumping down the steps on your butt until you reach the first floor, exclaiming “tiggity-boo!” each time you bump. They love it. It annoys the life out of me.

For one thing, Fort Irwin has to be the most static-ridden place on the planet. If I could hook my hair to the electrical grid, my skull could power the entire post. The idea of scraping my fanny on the carpet and creating more static is not appealing.

For another, most of my pajamas predate the guys and are a little on the worn side. One wrong twist could rip a seam and turn tiggity-boo into a strip tease.

The biggest reason, though, that I usually growl and reject their sweet little requests is that I’m a colossal grump in the morning. I’m focused so single-mindedly on getting two sleep heads – er, make that three – moving and out the door that I miss the moment.

And tiggity-boo isn’t the only moment I miss. Dozens of times during the day, the guys will ask me to do something that would take less than a minute, but I say “no” because I’m doing something else at the moment and hate being interrupted. Fact is, I’ve already been interrupted. What’s one more minute of my time?

I gladly give them my time by the hours – days even – when it’s convenient for me. But I miss out on the seconds that they want on their terms. Seconds that would do so much to assure them that they’re important, that they matter. Second that are going to be even more important in the new year once I’m the only game in town for them.

You want tiggity-boo in 2010, guys? You got it.

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