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No worries? Try to find some quickly

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Are you walking around humming a happy tune, blue birds over one shoulder and a rainbow over the other?

You better find something to worry about and fast. It turns out that, while walking around in a perpetual state of worry wort isn’t healthy, foot loose and fancy free isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. Having a few things to fret over, in fact, could help you live longer.

That’s according to a new study by researchers in Belgium and England, who found that patients with depression and anxiety had lower mortality rates than patients who were just depressed.

“One of the main messages from this research is that ‘a little anxiety may be good for you,” one of the researchers told Medical News Today.

The doctors, who primarily were studying the mortality risks of depression, theorized that patients with very low anxiety levels could be so lackadaisical that they fail to acknowledge symptoms that something might be wrong. Or they might simply take more risks because they’re so confident.

In this day, it’s hard to imagine anyone with nothing to worry about. In fact, we all might be a lot better off if we’d admit we’re worried instead of ranting at each other, at strangers, at the person behind the counter who screwed up an order.

If you’re genuinely completely care-free, though, I happen to have an extensive network of semi-professional nags, complainers and doom-and-gloom types. For a small finder’s fee – or a large one if you’re not worried about money yet – I’d be more than happy to forward one of them your number

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