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Becoming one of THOSE moms

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I’m not a big meeting person – I’ve sat through too many in my life to voluntarily assign myself more.

I’m not a big on telling schools how to do their jobs – as much as I like to rail about goofy education policies, when it comes down to a “boots on the ground” basis, I work within the local structure and supplement at home when I think the system is off track.

But a recent shift at Boots preschool – they went from an approach that included phonics to the semi-silly Creative Curriculum – seemed so nonsensical that I couldn’t let it go. Even worse than the change was speed with which it happened. One Friday they were under one system, the next Monday they were on another. I found out about the change the following week at a parent-teacher conference. Another mom heard about it at a baby shower.

So today, I put on my big-girl clothes and went to a parents advisory council meeting. I figured I’d be the only goofy one upset about the change, so I proceeded with uncharacteristic caution.

The complaints started at a trickle that turned to a storm before flooding the room. It was all very civil, but emphatic nonetheless. It sounds odd to say I was happy because everyone else was mad, but it was nice to not be the only oddball for once.

In the end, we won’t succeed in ending the silliness. I get the impression that Creative Curriculum is rolling downhill from somewhere high above Fort Irwin.

That’s unfortunate. While Creative Curriculum has some redeeming qualities it abhors structure to the point of banning coloring books or work sheets, which “leave little room for imagination, experimentation, individuality or discovery.” That’s well and good in theory, except next year these kids are going to be in kindergarten, where they will need to start coloring in the lines and properly forming letters.

Curriculum disagreements aside, I hope that the administrators heard the unhappiness of parents who had a controversial decision sprung on them via the grapevine.

I’ll definitely be at next month’s meeting now that I’ve figured out I’m not the only oddball on the block.

Yes, I’ve become one of THOSE moms.

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