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A SWAT for putting pets before people

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I understand Republicans a little less every day.

Government-funded public health insurance: Bad. It’ll blow up the budget.

The stimulus bill and its middle-class tax cuts: Evil.  No need to fritter away money unless we’re throwing it at banks.

A $3,5000-a-year tax deduction for pet owners: Now, that’s one we can get behind.

At least, it’s one U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter, a Republican from Michigan is behind. He’s the sponsor of HR 3501, which would bestow the break

Yes, that Thad McCotter, the one who in 2007 opposed expanding health insurance for poor children, saying that unless Republicans defeated the plan the party would “lose its soul.” McCotter lost his soul last year when he did an about-face and voted for the bill. I’m sure that wasn’t merely because he nearly lost his seat in the 2008 election.

It’s the same Thad McCotter who opposes virtually any form of health-care reform for humans so vehemently that he’s not above making up reasons to do so.  He was one of the original carriers of the “death panels,” even though the concept he derided in President Barack Obama’s proposal is stunningly similar to one McCotter had backed in the past.

So let’s give him credit, at least, for being consistently inconsistent when it comes to caring for living creatures. Humans? Who cares. Man’s best friend? Are you sure $3,500 a year is enough?

If  you plan carefully, you can feed a family of four for almost a year on $3,500. It’s the same amount as 2008′s personal exemption for a child, and Fido doesn’t grow out of his clothes nearly as fast. It’s just shy of the $4,000 parents can deduct for tuition expenses, and it blows away the $1,500 child-care tax credit that rapidly dwindles to nothing for two-income families who often spend $5,000 or more a year per child in high-cost states.

And, unlike the child-care tax credit, McCotter’s pet plan isn’t indexed, meaning you can claim the full $3,500 no matter how much you make.

I love dogs but, Benji aside, few are going to grow into productive adults who eventually will pay back into the system.

I don’t get it. I don’t get it so much that I want to search McCotter’s campaign finance reports to see how much he collects from Ralston-Purina and Iams.

Except he’s not worth the effort.

Rep. McCotter, Stop Wasting America’s Time with legislation that literally puts a higher dollar value on a dog than we put on a child.

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