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Hair today, gone tomorrow

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hair_beforeBilly Ray Cyrus’ baby turned to pop.

Maria Shriver married a Republican – sort of. I’m sure they’re married. I’m not sure how much of a Republican the Governator is at times.

No matter how hard you try to instill in your children the values you hold dear, sometimes they will stray from the fold.

That’s what Dad found out a few weeks ago when both guys decided they wanted hair cuts that would leave them as bald as the days they were born.

Why is this happening, Dad wondered.

Well, it’s happening because it’s 10 degrees hotter than hell here in August. It’s happening because all their little friends at school have similar cuts. And it’s happening because soldier they jump all over the second he hits the door every evening has the same style.

Yep, Dad. It’s all your fault.

I really couldn’t care less how they wear their hair, though please don’t remind me that I said that in 10 years, when they want green and purple stripes. There are plenty of things worth going to the wall over with a kid, and hair just isn’t one of them.

For Dad, though, it was a Cause.

Dad, who in his 20s had locks down to his fanny and spent more on hair-care products in a month than I spend in a year. Dad, who did it in part because he liked what was then the rocker look and in part out of rebellion. The more often his sisters called him their sister, the harder he dug in his heels.

And the more often he refused to let the guys repudiate his values by getting buzz cuts, the more adamant Big Guy in particular became. He tried pleading and pouting, and when that didn’t work he ran to his room crying one evening.

hair_afterFinally, after a non-combatant in the hair battles told Dad that the guys just wanted to fit in with their friends, Dad relented.

They climbed onto the boosters in the chairs at the PX barbershop and a few minutes later, the deed was done. I vaguely remembered how long it took them to grow hair at all and marveled at how quickly the clippers undid that months of waiting.

I called them my little peach heads for two weeks, until the hair grew out long enough that the label wasn’t really accurate. About that same time, Big Guy started clamoring for another cut.

“No,” Dad said.

Here we go again.

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  • Genevieve said:

    Oh sooooo cute. We did the same thing with Craig … and Jay. Or rather dad took them in and they all got the buzz.