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Introducing the Class of 2022

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kindergarten_graduation2They’ve learned to count to 100, by single digits as well as by 5s and 10s.

They’ve learned the sounds that all the letters make, thanks in part to a lovely little alphabet song to the tune of “Who Let The Dogs Out.” Ear worm, anyone?

Tuesday, they showed off everything they’ve achieved during what was supposed to have been a “low-key graduation alternative.”

The folks who showed up with balloon bouquets and bunches of flowers as big as their kids must have missed the memo – I think I saw their helicopters in the parking lot, too. Or maybe the rest of us missed the bulletin changing the definition of “low-key.”

It’s been that way all year, and Big Guy has learned that some kids show up with art projects that scream “Mommy or Daddy did this,” while he creates his own. It doesn’t look as polished, but it comes with a sense of accomplishment.

It’s been a big year for these tiny kids. The biggest of their young lives so far.

They’ve become Star Readers and Math Masters, and they’re proud of those accomplishments.

They’ve made friends and lost friends. They’ve learned to keep quiet when Mrs. A is talking – a lesson that was harder for some than others.

They’ve dreamed of the future, aspiring to be garbage truck drivers, veterinarians, Marines, police officers, doctors and presidents of the United States. The politicians far outnumbered the doctors, so health-care reform still could be a problem for this generation.

You look at them and you see bright, shining hope. Most of the presidential contenders were girls, and most of the girls were girls of color. They dream because no one’s told them they can’t do it. Hold onto that, ladies, even as you grow up and the world inevitably begins to try to shove you into pigeonholes.

I feel cheated that we’re moving and won’t be around to see how it all turns out. Yes, there will be other classmates and other friends, but this groups is special. They were there with Big Guy for the beginning.

And what a spectacular beginning it’s been.

As for Big Guy, here’s what he told Mrs. A about this year and about the future. She interviewed all the students and shared their thoughts Tuesday.

“I like playing in the home center and playing with the dishes and toy food and using the play sink and play stove. I am proud that I can read. I want to be a drill sergeant some day.”

Go ahead, babes. I won’t tell you you can’t. I’ll leave that to your dad.

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