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Review: Van’s All Natural Waffles

Submitted by on Sunday, 21 June 2009 2 Comments

PrintI absolutely hate the idea of paying $3.49 for six frozen waffles. Yet, I have beenĀ because once summer hits I lose all inclination to stand at the stove and flip pancakes.

That’s why Van’s All Natural Waffles have been Big Guy’s breakfast staple of late. Thank heaven Boots doesn’t like them.

Funny thing was, it took Big Guy about a week to warm up to the waffles, and that was after he asked for them.

The first morning, he insisted on eating them with butter only. I have no idea why. Not surprisingly, he hated them.

About a week later, he decided to take my advice for once and try them with syrup. He’s been in love since.

We buy the organic flax, which are dairy-free in addition to being egg-free. Someone who’s used to regular waffles might think the crunchy, grainy taste is odd – I actually prefer it now – but since Big Guy had never had waffles before, he didn’t know any different.

We tried to gluten-free, wheat-free homestyle, which also are egg- and dairy-free, but the dry texture didn’t work for me. Chunks deteriorated to sawdust on the plate as I cute them. Maybe that’s typical of gluten-free baked goods and I simply don’t have enough experience to know that. Add enough syrup and Big Guy barely noticed, but I think we’ll stick to organic flax from now on.

Though Van’s makes waffles with egg in the same plant and on the same iron, their steps to prevent cross-contamination are thorough. They make all allergy-safe labeled waffles on their own day, throwing out the first batch, and regularly and randomly testing all allergen-free waffles.

That’s why they cost $3.49 a box – though I’ve been lucky enough to find them on sale for $3.29 lately. And that’s why I pay. Chalk it up to another cost of food allergies.

Van’s is a California company, and I’m not sure how widely available their products are in other state. Their Web site does have a store locator, though.

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  • The Vegas Vegan said:

    Excellent! Vans are at the Fresh & Easy stores here in Vegas. A wonderful find and definitely fill that “I need a waffle!” need I have about twice a year.

  • Debra said:

    Happy to help! Be sure to try the flax ones first, though. They’re far tastier. They also have blueberry, apple-cinnamon and maple-oat that are vegan. We haven’t tried them, though, because anything with chunks in it is suspect to Big Guy.