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Will Smith, you are hot!

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Sexy is the man who’s man enough to sidle up to his beloved and whisper the hottest words in the English language in her ear: “I’ll take care of the kids, honey.”

Works on me every time.

And that’s why I’m proclaiming Will Smith five-alarm-fire sexy this morning. For three months out of the year, he’ll be responsible for getting his 11- and 8-year-old out of bed, dressed and functional for the day and tucked into bed at night.

He’s doing it so Jada Pinkett Smith can work full-time on a new television series without worrying about her family.

Sure, you say, it’s easy for the Smiths with all their money. They can hire as many nannies and housekeepers as they want for support. They’re not like the rest of us working schmucks, juggling day-care payments and bosses who don’t get it if we have to take a sick day to take care of the kids.

Fact is, though, money doesn’t necessarily make everything easier. You can afford the best day-care in the world and still fret that your kids aren’t getting the attention they need from actual family.

Which is why Will is taking the reins while Jada films. The roles will switch once her series wraps and he heads to China as producer on a “Karate Kid” remake.

Someone else will want to start sniping that Jada Pinkett Smith isn’t a “real” working mom because she doesn’t punch a time card and have bosses calling her on the carpet. Seriously? Why are we fighting among ourselves? It’s a strawman argument designed to divert attention from the real problem, and we fall for it every time.

CNN has the headline wrong, though, when it says Smith is playing Mr. Mom. He’s instead being a good Dad. It’s 2009, folks. Can we get past the notion that fathers who are involved with their children are somehow taking on feminine tasks?

I used to have that argument all the time with a co-worker back in the 1990s. “I have to be out of here today,” he’d say. “I’m baby-sitting my daugher.”

“You are not baby-sitting,” I’d snap, and this was before I had kids. “You’re her dad. You’re being a parent, just like her mom is.”

Funny thing is, my own husband never got that until he was away – closing in on six months now – for Army training. Suddenly, he can’t wait to get back and play catch in the evenings. To help with their dinner and tuck them into bed – all the things I used to have to do on my own before his epiphany. All the things we used to have huge screaming arguments over because it was all on me.

Now he gets what I’d been saying – OK, shrieking at times – for more than five years.

Will Smith gets it, too.

Gentlemen, you are hot.

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