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At least your office fridge didn’t send you to the hospital

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 May 2009 No Comment
We've all been there - the office refrigerator were forgotten lunches take on lives of their own, rotting, curdling and fermenting until the odor creates a better appetite suppressant than anything on the market.

Few of us have had it as rough, though, as a San Jose call center where refrigerator stench sent 325 people fleeing to the parking lot and seven to hospitals.

The mystery crud wasn't the sole cause of the evacuation, authorities said. Two people who tried to eradicate the odor accidentally escalated the problem when they used two different cleaners that combined to create a toxic reaction.

Read the details from the San Jose Mercury News. And when you get to work tomorrow, check out the fridge and clean up your leftovers to the HAZMAT team won't have to.

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