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Worried about prom souveniers? You don’t have enough to do

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Until Boots moved in and sent all my beautiful high school treasures to the Salvation Army, I still had a souvenir from my prom. It was a wine glass – for red, not white, though I didn’t know it at the time.

I also had a beer mug from homecoming one year.

And you know what? Neither item ever was used for alcohol. The only buzz I got from them over theĀ  years was a Benadryl high after dusting them triggered an allergy attack.

That’s why the case of a Pennsylvania high school, where administrators are falling all over themselves to apologize about shot glasses given as prom mementos, is cracking me up.

As if teens never would think of drinking before, after or during prom without the reminder. As if merely gazing at a shot glass would send the innocent jetting to the nearest 7-11 for a bottle of the modern-day equivalent of Boone’s Farm.

It’s not an “inappropriate message,” folks. It’s a cheesy chunk of glass that will be hauled to several states before finally winding up in the discard pile when kid stuff pushes out souvenirs from by-gone days. Or maybe that’s just me.

Local police, by the way, made no arrests for underage drinking on prom night.

Lighten up folks and save the moral outrage for something that matters. Good for you if you’re active in curbing teen drinking – but silliness such as this won’t do it.

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