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Play ball! Sort of

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Disclaimer: Any resemblance to baseball is purely coincidental.

If peewee soccer players are bees swarming after the ball, then a peewee baseball team is a flock of ducks. Very hungry ducks, tripping over each other in a rush to grab a piece of bread. Once in a while, one of them is able to peck hard enough to win the prize.

Sure, they looked like baseball players.

They wore little uniforms - well, except for Big Guy whose bad, bad mom hadn't gotten around to buying the pants  yet.

They had little bats and little gloves - well, except for Big Guy, who lost his at his first practice and was playing with mine. My hands are small but not quite that small. He started at catcher, which was about where his mitt fit.

They had little jaws stuffed full of bubble gum the coach thoughtfully provided because chomping on gum is what baseball players do.

They all even managed to find first base after hitting, though one kid kept taking his bat with him and Big Guy wanted to keep on running.

Beyond that, the game didn't look much like the version the kids are used to watching on television or at ballparks, though a few careful students crouched around shortstop, ready to field whatever came at them.

Or ready to fight off the other ducks for a scrap of bread.

Photo gallery, Week 1

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