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He has to hear it from someone besides Mom

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 2009 No Comment

He's not going to wear a batting helmet - it's silly.

He's not going to hit off a tee - that's for 2-year-olds.

He's not going to put his hands closer together on the bat because that's not the way he wants to do it.

A funny thing happened today, though, during Big Guy's first tee ball practice. He did all of that. Because Coach Dave told him to.

"He's a nice coach, Momma. Just as nice as Coach Joey. And he's teaching me a lot about baseball."

Oh, good. I'm glad you finally found someone better qualified to teach you than that schmuck who's been trying in the back yard.

Mom has no credibility. Coach Dave, Coach Joey, Sensei Troy and Mrs. A do. And once they confirm what Mom's been saying all along, Big Guy is good to go.

Which is fine by me. Particularly since Coach Dave told them they need to go to bed early Friday night so they'll be rested for Saturday's season opener.

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