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A bit of blue enters the Parenting Pink world – and vice versa

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Well,  here I am entering the land of “blue.” And while I am no expert in the area of boys, I, like my friend Debra, am never at a loss for words.


Maybe it’s the fact that I’m around three little “pink” chatterboxes or that I have a knack for talking to myself – either way, it’s my privilege and honor to be here with you in boyland today!

I love this little place Debra calls home. Love the blue and the green and the way Debra has enticed me to go “egg free” with some of my daily dishes. As I look around the place, I’m thinking the only thing it needs is a girly chandelier or some pink blingy earrings. But other than that, this place rocks !

So, first thing first- let’s talk pink. With three little girls of my own, I’ve grown accustomed to seeing lots of it. But lately, things have changed. You see, it’s good to be in “boyland” today because it’s exactly where my 6-year-old wants me to be. She’s turned on me for good.

In fact, I have a national crisis unraveling in my household as we speak. It’s a crisis of epidemic proportions – my daughter is vetoing the color PINK. But it doesn’t stop there – PURPLE is out too. Gone are the days of florals, polka dots, and blinged-out headbands.

She’s officially a tomboy.

It all began at Gymboree last week when I suggested a cute pink paisley dress. Innocent enough. Big, big mistake – like when Prince decided to change his name to a symbol and Gwyneth felt the need to name her daughter after a fruit. Ya, that kinda BIG!

What I got was a squished up face full of “Nooooooooo” and “I’m so OVER pink, MOM!”

Over pink?


And in an instant it was out with the pinks and in with the blues. Literally. She refused to buy anything in Gymboree stating it was too “girly” and so we made the trek to Old Navy where she found plenty of khakis, navys and reds.

Before you chastise me for forcing pink upon my daughter, you should know that I too was a tomboy. I loathed the color pink (I know, can you believe it?). Too girly. But there is something innocent about dressing little girls in the color pink. Something nostalgic. And when they decide they’ve had enough – we watch their innocence gently slip away.

I can’t tell her what to wear anymore or how to wear it. There are more choices she wants to make on her own. And, certainly, this small clothing gesture represents her desire to separate from me and become her own little person. Ugh, my heart is breaking.

Yet as a parent, I know the most important thing I can do is to acknowledge the changes in my daughter and help her on their journey.

So I did what my heart told me to do – I bought her the colors she wanted to wear. It’s no longer about what I always want for her. I’ll let her begin her journey by standing with her. We’ll take the pinkless ride together.

Oh, and just in case you thought I would end on a sappy note – I did NOT buy her the alligator eating a shark t-shirt. I have to draw the line somewhere!

Elizabeth Donovan is a shrink (yes, she can read your mind) who counseled adolescents before turning into a stay-at-home mom to three little princesses: Miss Pinkerbell, Miss Pandi, and Miss Sweet Pea. She’s also founder of parentingpink.com, a site that with forums, articles, tips and advice that focus on raising strong girls.

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  • Leslie K. said:

    ’bout time us girls reclaimed pink as our rightful color..I LOVE it…thank you for being such a strong MOM!

  • ParentingPink said:

    Yes, I am leaving a comment on my own guest post – but who cares, I love it! LOL. Debra, Please come back…I miss your sense of humor!