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A SWAT for taking a swat at children

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Anyone who’s spent longer than 3.6 seconds on the Internet has heard the horror stories:

  • America is no longer the great nation it once was because of all those illegals taking jobs and sucking up benefits.
  • If we’d quit letting women sneak across the border to birth their anchor babies who are instant benefit-sucking citizens, states would save a ton of money.
  • Latinos are such a powerful voting bloc because of all those illegals who vote – that one’s my personal favorite.

Lucky us in California. A ballot initiative is being circulated that would end all of that. It’s Initiative 1358, “Denial Of Public Benefits For Persons Who Cannot Verify Lawful Presence. Denial Of Birth Certificates To Children Of Undocumented Parents Who Fail To Verify Status. ”

And to think that denying a birth certificate is actually a crime in some allegedly less enlightened countries. Even in the good old U S of A, courts have ordered balky states to issue birth certificates.

So you think California’s initiative has any chance of standing should backers gather the 433,971 signatures and at least half the state’s residents are whipped into enough of a xenophobic frenzy to vote for it?

Even worse: The initiative would create a beautiful new layer of bureaucracy for people who aren’t citizens or legal residents but happen to have the misfortune of welcoming their bundle of joy in the Golden State.

They would have to go to the local registrars’ office – has anyone asked if local governments that are facing cutbacks are keen to handle the extra work – and state their country of origin and employer or source of support. They’ll also have to submit three passport photos and pay an additional $75.

The information then would be submitted to Homeland Security – has anyone asked Homeland Security officials if they want  it? – one would assume in hopes of catching the illegals and booting them and their babies out of the country.

Ah, the joys of the California initiative process that gives the power to the people. The power, that is, to propose any wild law they want without giving full consideration to its impact, cost or implications.

And in this case, without considering that immigration law is a matter best left to the federal government.

Here’s where we cue the usual criticism: The federal government won’t do anything to stop the flood of democracy-destroying immigrants, so we the people have to.

Here’s the funny thing, though. Illegal immigrants make up only 3.9 percent of the country’s population. We’re supposed to believe that 3.9 percent of the nation is responsible for its downfall? Could something, perhaps racism, be exaggerating the effects of illegal immigration.

And another funny thing: President Barack Obama is planning, possibly as early as May, to assemble a bipartisan team of experts to tackle immigration.

That’s still not going to make initiative backer and self-proclaimed constitutional expert Ted Hilton and his Minutemen buddies happy, because any deal likely will include amnesty for those already here.

But at least we’d have a cohesive national policy instead of an ill-conceived state one.

Let’s Stop Wasting America’s Time and let the feds handle this one.

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