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Crossing my fingers for Nadya Suleman

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 February 2009 One Comment

I have never rooted so hard for anyone to win the lottery – or to get a $2 million interview deal – as I am for Nadya Suleman.

Face it, this struggling mother of 14 is in the weeds.

The poor woman hasn’t  had a date in eight years and vows the forego socializing until the octuplets are 18. I’m happy to hear she’ll be avoiding bars – the same donor, whom she met in a night club, fathered all 14 kids.

Her publicist quit after receiving death threats. At least she still has her agent – the same agent, by the way, who represents the Iowa McCaugheys of septuplet fame.

Still, losing your publicist hurts when they’re the folks who created your catchy Web site, which has no content other than pictures of the latest eight kids, a form to leave comments and, of course, a convenient donation button – Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express accepted. Mother to 14 and Web master? It’s tough when everything gets dumped on you.

She has only a month or so before the octuplets leave the hospital, and then she’ll have to worry about how to take all 14 kids to the park.

She better also hope her $500-a-month nanny doesn’t quit or demand a raise in light of the increased workload. It’s tough when new additions increase household expenses – we had to juggle considerably when Boots came along. My last manicure – other than the ones courtesy of Big Guy – was the day before Boots was born. I notice Nadya still has her acrylic French manicure.

At least other nannies are stepping up to offer free services. And maybe she’ll also get an increase in her $500-a-month food stamp alottment.

That’s certainly something she neglected to mention before, along with disability payments she receives for three of her older children.  Oh, and the hospital where the octuplets were born has asked the state of California to cover its costs. Wonder where donor daddy fits into this equation.

I’ve gone from bemused astonishment to more than a touch of anger at this tale. But not enough anger to threaten to kill someone because, frankly, some fool with a baby fetish is not worth going to prison over.

So instead, I’ll just wish her the best. I  hope she gets the $2 million deal she’s looking for, and I bet there’s someone out there willing to pay. It’s better than me and millions of other Californians paying.

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  • ParentingPink said:

    Oh, I AGREE! At first I was really angry with her for insisting on having so many children she cannot possibly care for. BUT, as I learned more, it’s clear to me that she is mentally unstable and that the DOCTOR who impregnated her should be in big trouble!

    Setting blame aside though, I do feel sorry for her. Immensely. And I do hope she scores that 2 million dollar deal too. She needs the money to care for her children and if we look at how much these media giants pay celebrities for interviews, it seems plausible.

    Hope you are doing well! Haven’t chatted in a while – will you be at GNO on Tuesday night?