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Homemade egg-free, garlic-free mayonnaise

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How’s this for a ringing endorsement: I’m about to give you a recipe I really don’t like. A recipe I would use regularly only under duress, such as lack of an affordable alternative.

But it’s a recipe that could come in handy for egg-allergic mayonnaise fans because, other than Vegenaise, there are no tasty options. The problem with Vegenaise is it’s dang expensive: $6.49 a quart, and I’m lucky it’s available locally so I don’t have to pay overnight shipping for a product that has to be refrigerated.

I tried Naysoa back in the day before Big Guy was allergic to garlic and didn’t like it much either, though I endured it until I found Vegenaise. I’d put this homemade recipe in the Naysoa category: Acceptable after you get used to it, but not preferable.

The taste of the homemade isn’t totally awful — another ringing endorsement there — and might improve with different spice combinations or oils. I plan to experiment and will update the post as I do. The foamy texture takes some getting used to as well.

On the plus side, it’s inexpensive to make, though the recipe’s a bit grumpy. It took me two tries to get it right.

I knew enough about mayonnaise making to realize that the oil has to be streamed in very slowly. I used a medicine dropper – I knew there was a reason I kept those – to make sure I didn’t rush. I didn’t know, though, how fast to beat it. I was adapting from a hand-beaten recipe, and I think the mixer was too high on my first go-round. Lowering the speed did the trick.

Egg-free mayonnaise

  • 1/4 c. evaporated milk
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 c. vegetable oil – I used canola
  • 1 tbl. lemon juice

Combine milk and salt. I used a deep, two-cup bowl because I wanted to make sure the ingredients stayed i contact with the beaters. Using a hand mixer at medium speed, slowly stream oil into milk. Alternate with lemon juice.

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