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Product review: Garlic-free Crystal hot sauce

Submitted by on Saturday, 20 December 2008 No Comment
I am not the hot sauce connoisseur in the house. That would be Dad, and I'm not so sure he's as much connoisseur as addict. Honestly, I've seen him hit the fridge late at night and take a swig out of desperation for a fix.

That's why I was thrilled to discover Crystal Hot Sauce in a local grocery store recently. It was one of those days when I insisted on looking at labels for foods I'd given up on long ago, but on this particular day, suddenly something popped up. No garlic in Crystal!

It's a Louisiana-style hot sauce, which means it's made with vinegar. That's a bad thing as far as Dad's concerned, He claims vinegar-based sauces give him heartburn and prefers Mexican-style brands such as Tapatio. Well, maybe if he didn't chug them ...

He will, though, use Crystal though he's clearly not as happy with it. And for general household purposes in the few recipes I use it in, Crystal works. And, most importantly, it's safe for Big Guy.

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