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Giving the shirt off my back, grandparents edition

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Here’s a variation on the homemade T-shirt/sweat shirt/tote bag theme: Homemade T-shirt/sweat shirt/tote bags (and more) crafted with the help of the little darlin’s themselves.

Granted, this is not going to be every grandparent’s thing, and the kids aren’t going to be into it either once they’re past a certain age.

But for those of you with younger children and gung-ho grandparents, it’s inexpensive and personal.

All you need is the plain shirt ($3 to $5) and fabric paint ($1.50 to $3.50 a bottle). We sometimes add glitter and, now that Big Guy’s learned to write, fabric markers, too.

The easiest design is to simply paint their hands and let them go wild on the shirt. “Hands down, you’re the best grandma.”

Or maybe their feet. “My grandkids walk all over me.”

You also can create more complicated designs. A circle of hand prints can be a daisy, for example. Or arrange 12 of them for a dozen roses. Paint a trunk and add a hand print tree top. I had no idea hand prints were so versatile until my kids started preschool.

Make sure you put cardboard inside the shirt before you start or the pain could bleed through and ruin the project. Allow several days for the project to dry — kids are notorious for piling rather than brushing paint, and clumps stay wet longer. And clean up the kids’ hair quickly afterward or you’ll wind up cutting out paint later. Not that I’ve had to do that.

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