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Product review: Sunbutter Trail Mix

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One of Big Guy’s saddest laments in life is that he’s sunflower-seed deprived.

This wouldn’t be a big deal for most kids, but he’s growing up around his Dad’s family of world-class sunflower seed munchers so he sits and watches cousins, aunts and uncles throw them back. I’ve never understood the appeal — to me, it’s too much work for too little payoff — but Big Guy’s always wanted it because that’s what everyone else is eating.

It’s not that he’s allergic to sunflower seeds, but many brands might or might not be processed on the same equipment as peanut.

The other day, when I was replenishing our Sunbutter stock, I noticed that the company now makes peanut-free trail mix, with sunflower seeds and soy nuts. The price was reasonable — $11 for 22 1.5 ounce bags — so I ordered.

Two things sold Big Guy on it immediately: The presence of a peanut-free M&M-type candy and the fact that it’s seeds “just like Daddy eats.”

OK, so it’s not exactly like Daddy eats, because the trail mix has a slight honey-roasted coating. But it’s closer than Big Guy’s ever gotten in his life.

He loved it. Ate a bag and a half. I don’t feel bad about that at all, because the amount of M&M-type candy in it is scant. If you want to avoid it, though, they also make a version with fruit only.

It’s not something we’re going to buy a lot, because the shipping costs are astronomical: $9.95 for the trail mix alone at the Sunbutter site, though I combined it with a Sunbutter order to optimize the shipping costs. I’m likely to buy it only when I’m reordering Sunbutter, so too bad for Big Guy that I just bought 10 pounds.

Shipping costs run slightly less at PeanutFree Planet, but not by much: $8.93

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